Dollhouse for christmas!!

Last year  I made my son a chessboard - so this year it is my daughters turn to get home made christmas presents :D I have thought a long time about making a dollhouse and I came across one made by DxfProjects at etsy. I bought the drawings of the big plywood doll-house and a furniture pack and have no regrets; The designs are carefully thought through and everything fits perfectly - all designs have IKEA-like manuals for how to put it together. Dont download this illegally - pay the guy, he deserves the money for this work!

Link to design:

I made the house in 6mm plywood and all furniture in 4mm. It is cut with 2mm and 3mm dual flutes. The designs have finished dxf patterns for different sizes including corner overcuts for milling. I have used Estlcam as always as my preferred CAM - it really speeds things up especially in this case where a lot of parts needs to be milled out. 

My machine has a working area of 1200x600 and the only tweaking I had to do was for the back part that was too big for my machine. You see the division of the parts in the picture - I will mill a bit to cover this later. 

I also made lights for all the rooms with a simple box design - using led strips. All cabels are covered with cabel channels made in plywood. 

I am really satisified with the result - next step will be to make power outlets in designated rooms so I can make extra add-ons like lamps...but I will wait to my girl gets older. She is only 2 1/2 and still in demolition stage :D :D 


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