DIY Chessboard made with CNC

Home made chessboard with CNC. Paths are generated with Estlcam (
As it is hard to provide complete files since it depends on your machine setup, this is more of a contribution to spark some ideas if someone are interested. A fun project!
I browsed for chessboards and found this one which I used for my project: Chessboard found here: So a tribute to Nevit Dilmen for sharing this.
Base part was made from an old oak countertop I had lying around. White parts made from some pinewood.
  1. First I leveled the oak plate on top and bottom, then measured the heigth of the plate to program the milling
  2. Did the carving of all numbers and chamfering
  3. Milled out the holes for the white parts, then cut out the piece. I chose to go down 12mm for the whiteparts
  4. Cut out the whiteparts (first leveled the pinewood to 12.2 mm.
  5. Used wood glue on the white parts and knocked them into place.
  6. Sanding. Lot of it!
  7. Since the oak plate was old and probably had a high level of moisture the plate started bending slightly when I cut it out. So some of the holes for the white parts was slightly off. I therefore made some wood filler from the sanding and filled in all minor gaps plus the numbers/letters
  8. Sanding again :D
  9. Oiled the thing - finito!
Hope you like it :D

Knocking in those white parts!

After white parts was in place I made some
woodfiller to close any gaps

CNC Machine in action
cutting white parts


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