How to pimp an old tired balance bike!

Our toddler is soon ready to learn biking, and we got the recommendation to start with a balancing bike. It's a great fun way to learn balancing before the transition to ordinary bikes.

First impulse was to go shopping for a new bike, but then we thought why not go for a used one and BLING it! Too much nice stuff gets thrown away - and breathing life into a used one would be a small protest to the throwaway society.

So - we found an old tired bike on the web - and with some black hammer paint and help from my CNC (converted to a plotter for the occasion) the result was quite nice :D

I won't get in to the technical details here - check out earlier posts to learn more about the Roland plotter adapter and see the machine in action. The text and the unicorn logo is made from vinyl sheets. I use Inkscape to convert text and images to SVG files.

Here is the end result - not perfect but hey, it's the coolest bike on the block ☺☺☺

We chose the AllStar font for the text - love that retro look :D 

Unicorns - never runs out of fashion!

Bike for sale - ready for some serious pimping :D 


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