Garden Fairy House

I have an old garden with apple trees dating back to the beginning of the 1900s. Sadly one of the trees "passed away" some years back, and is now a hollow stock of some point it must be taken down but to blow some life into it I got the idea to turn it into a fairy tree home🤓

With a 4year old and a 1year old girl we can enjoy the magic of these small wonderful creatures that decided to make a home in our garden for may years to come!

The basic drawings for all the parts is made in onshape - I have focused on making as much of the parts in one sketch as possible. The design is not made to "mass produce" so its not perfect in any sense, but if you would like use it, fork it & change it, it is available here:

The door is possible to open, but for the balcony I chose a simpler way only making a solid part - why bother, both fairies and elves can fly anyway 

The lamp is working by the way! In the sketch there is a route for creating a place to include the wires for the lamp. I bought a led wire lamp on aliexpress with solar charging that turns on at night. I use this both for the lamp and to create light in the balcony window and the round window at night.

Balcony window/round window is made in one piece of 18mm plywood, milling from the backside of the window. The inside is hollowed out with a 6mm bit, leaving 6mm for the window crossbars. There is also a couple of millimeters edge inside for the window glass. 

The balcony itself is also made by 18mm pinewood. One sketch includes all the lines for the base of the balcony and the railings. There are two holes made ready to be milled on the bottom of the balcony to install extra support - I decided not to use them on my tree as it looks like it will be strong enough without. 

The door base is made by 18mm pinewood. All the hinges are made by 2x4mm plywood glued together. It could be a better idea to 3d print some of these parts but time will show - all the parts are also available as 3d stl objects in onshape. The window frame is made with 4mm plywood. As a note I also added an extra 4mm of plywood for the door frame and glued to the back of the frame. Pinewood of 18mm cut so narrow is is not strong enough in itself. 

The lampstand is made by 2x4mm plywood - a trail is designed in the middle of the stand to install wires for the lamp. All the other parts is just to cut out, sand and glue together. The lampshade is printed with vase mode on my 3d finder. 

All the parts are painted with spray paint - glasses and lamp is 3d printed. The project parts is available

Here are some more pictures of the project


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