Christmas Project - Elf-On-The

This Christmas it's farewell to those boring mass-produced elf doors. This time the Elf on the shelf has a proper mansion to move into!

The project is designed in Onshape, I am then using Estlcam for the configuration of the CNC machine. I used 4mm plywood for the parts, milled with a 2mm bit. All details are carved with a 60degree carve tool. The project can be found here at thingiverse -
There is a postbox in front which has a lid that can be opened/closed. In the interior a cheap led strip has been added to give the house a welcoming light.

Should probably do some more sanding, but it looks much better in real life than on the picture...I probably need to up my skills as a photographer :)

If you are interested in forking & tweaking the project yourself you can find all the drawings here:

Merry christmas everybody!


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