Corona project 2021 - Garden swimming pool


This years garden project was a new spot for a swimming pool. The project is made with 120x28mm impregnated wood - all the details have been cut using a table saw. 

The swimming pool is purchased from Spain and is a steel plate Grepool Fidji 300cm x 120xm...not the biggest but should be enough to cool down on hot summer days. In addition to the package with pool & pump I purchased a Gre mini heatpump - it will be exiting to see how well this will heat the pool compared to heatcolb solution I have used previously. The heatpump should be able to give 2.5kw from 600w. Reading reviews on the pump I found someone complaining about noise from the fan - I therefore decided to create a "technical room" for the pumps which you can see to the top left on the picture above. 

A fun sideproject was to create the Baywatch Rescoue Buoy - you can see roughly how this is made in the video below. The project is made in Onshape and you can find it here:

The files are available for download here:

There are also some 3d printed components - one is for the strap to the buoy, a simple object found in the rescue buoy project linked above. You can see it on on the picture on the black strap. It is printed with my multimaterial prusa. 

There is also a wallmount for the valves - this project can be found here:

And here is the video  - hope you like it ✌

Stay safe and have a nice summer 💓💓💓


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