Creating an isolated shed door in plywood

If you have a shed in your backyard, chances are you know how important it is to keep it secure and well-maintained. One of the most important components of any shed is the door, as it not only provides access to your stored items but also plays a significant role in keeping them safe from the elements and potential intruders. However, over time, even the sturdiest doors can wear down, which is when you need to consider a replacement. And what could be more satisfying than building the new door yourself with the help of a CNC machine?

I replaced the worn-down shed door with a new insulated one made from plywood using a CNC machine. All the components were cut out from one 12mm plywood sheet (1200x2400), and the door was isolated with 5cm rockwool. It also included an integrated fastener for a padlock to ensure maximum security. The door is 550mm x 1100mm.

The onshape file for the project is located here -  fork it and tweak it as you see fit:

The files are exported as dxf from onshape. 

All components milled with CNC machine

Using wood glue to secure all joints

2mm holes added in the design for screws. I used 20mm torx for the job

Base of door ready for isolation

Isolation cut and added to the door

Front of door added - door complete!

Starting with frame. Ensuring that all corners are 90degree

I also milled cuts for the hinges. In retorspect these should have been at least 2mm deeper

Door and frame complete!

Door installed before painting and fixing around

Also including a snapshot of the lock design


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