First vinyl cut ever!

Man I am gonna have a lot of fun with this new toy :D

Here is my first vinyl cut, I messed up with the S in the process but let's call that a charming imperfection in my first ever logo made with my CNC Plotter 😉😉

I started off using my new calibration technique and set the knife to be 0.1mm outside of the Roland holder. This is enough to cut through the vinyl layer but will keep the base paper intact. 

I then started the cutting off the logo. When completed, next step was to peel of the residual using a sharp knife for the details

Then next to do cover the logo with transfer tape and then look for somewhere to put it! My CNC machine was the victim poor fellow 😁

My small bundle of fun - custom made CNC

And later today I made this logo for my son who is a dedicated footballplayer at the local club - pretty nice!!


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