How to calibrate Roland knife length

I have been thinking hard on how to measure the length of the knife exactly when using the Roland cutter for different thiknesses of paper. I have not come across any good alternatives so I came up with this solution (if you have any bettter please let me know)

First of all you need to have a touch off plate. Set the thickness of the touch off plate to 0 so that when the Roland tool touches the surface Z=0 is registered.

Then adjust Z to the thickness of the paper (or what ever it is you are cutting). For example adjust Z to 0.1 for standard A4 paper.

Connect the touch off plate and the ground cable to a multimeter and set it to detect continuity.

Slowly adjust the knife downwards until it hits the plate - I did not get the "beeping" but I could see the readings on the multimeter. Below is a video showing how

I tried some cuts on paper with promising results, think this could be a super way of getting that knife adjusted without too much trial and error!


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